The installation of the Zimbra software that I'm using doesn't seem to have the ability to download the Global Address Book. I've looked in the web interface and found a way to export my address book but when I try that I seem to get only contacts that I've synced with the iSync connector.

I know that there is a Global Address Book because when I start to address an email to someone on the server the autocomplete feature begins to show matches.

So how do I have either iSync get access to the Global Address Book? Is there a config on the server that needs to be completed to make this happen? If so, please let me know and I'll inform my IT group.

One final question (unrelated really) I've got the 4.5.733 version of the isync Mac connector. How do I get the latest version? Again please let me know what I need to tell my IT department.

Thanks in advance,