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Thread: [SOLVED] iSync Downgrade

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    Red face [SOLVED] iSync Downgrade

    I have installed the 5.0 Network iSync and need to back out of it to install the 5.0 iSync version. I have removed from several places the zimbra client but the old version has a problem during install that will not allow it to proceed with the install. I should have read further to understand what exactly I was installing. That said,

    "How do I COMPLETLEY remove the Zimbra iSync NE Connector from a leopard desktop."

    I have tried removing the following:
    There were some other places. What are ALL the places I should go and uninstall the client to be able to reinstall an older version?

    Why does this ancilliary program need to be licensed version? I cant seem to get the older version back on the system now and have no sync program.

    Please help!!!
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