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Thread: Sent Items Not Syncing.

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    Default Sent Items Not Syncing.

    I have a user using Mac Mail + Zimbra iSync Connector and all appears to be fine.. except his Sent items are not staying on his laptop. They show up on the server but they are not in his sent items on his laptop. (this might not be a Zimbra issue but as I am new to both I thought I would ask here.)

    Any Suggestions?

    Newbie Moe

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    I've got the exact same problem. Any ideas what might be going on?

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    Hi Moe, thermalben
    the iSync connector takes care of calendar and addressbook syncing, NOT mail.

    the mail is synced over plain old IMAP. In mac mail you have the Mailbox->"use this mailbox for" menu item. you may want to check that the sent items mailbox is mapped correctly to the sent folder on the server.

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    Nobody seems to have followed up to say that this worked or not. Or perhaps everybody knows that it does. Either way, thanks for the info. This solved a problem that I was having with MacMail and Zimbra that was driving me crazy.


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