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Thread: iSync Connector configuration - me card

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    Default iSync Connector configuration - me card

    I've downloaded, installed and configured the iSync connector and it works well, but I get a strange error message on every sync (which for my current settings is: every minute).

    The message says:


    The me card in Address Book will be configured to work properly with this account. Proper configuration of the Me card is necessary for reliable Calender sycning.


    As the sync works fine I just want to get rid of this annoying message. Any ideas?


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    Default Assign a 'me' card and see if error persists

    Do you have a 'me' card assigned? highlight your card in Mac Address Book, and from the Card pull-down menu select "Make this my card"

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    Hmmm...that's strange. Check Address Book and verify that you do indeed have a Me card configured, and the email address "" is listed.

    That's a mysterious email address however, and doesn't seem correct. I'm assuming that when you login to your Zimbra account, your login is not "". Is that an alias to your account by any chance?



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    The real address of course is not "" but rather "" (I'm not going to post the real address here ;-)). That's indeed my login for zimbra and it works. Calendar syncing works as well.

    I had a me card configured. I just realized that the sync somehow deleted all my contacts from my local address book (including my me card). I created a new one with my name and email-Address and the sync automatically adds all Email-Aliases configured for this account.

    All the contacts are still in Zimbra but I'm not able to sync them back. My Sync settings are "Contacts -> Selected -> [x] Contacts and [x] Emailed Contacts".

    So the message doesn't appear any more but now the sync doesn't really work...

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