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Thread: Adding appointments to a shared calendar

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    Default Adding appointments to a shared calendar

    In my office, we use a shared calendar to keep track of various things, like software release dates, vacations, etc. In Outlook, users can just subscribe to the shared calendar and add appointments directly.

    I'm on a mac, and I can subscribe to the calendar in iCal, but it's a read-only view. Do I have any option for adding appointments to the calendar?

    I'd rather not use the web interface, but I don't even see a way to do it there.

    We're on ZCS 4.5.10_GA_1575.RHEL4_20071116233533 CentOS4 NETWORK edition

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    Default Approach that worked for me...

    It sounds like you are using iCal's ics subscription feature. Alas this is read-only and a long-remaining pain to admins.

    The real sneak in the near term is to use the iSync connector to sync the calendar. I used these steps:

    1. User #1 creates a calendar in web client. I put some junk events to fill out the demo.
    2. Share to User #2 giving manager privs.
    3. User #2 needs to accept cal in web client. (Check the calendar to see that it is there.) This is a GOOD time to shorten/simplify the calendar's name! Shortening the name and removing punctuation will provide fewer headaches using and troubleshooting the share and sync.
    4. Fire up iSync in System Preferences in and check the box for the shared calendar. Run a 'Sync Now'.
    5. iCal should have refreshed to include the shared calendar.
    6. User 2 can add events and sync again. The calendar for both users #1 and #2 should eventually update. I verified this in the web client.

    Anyway it seems to work for me. I am using 5.0.1 NE, with Leopard iCal and the iSync 5.0.1 connector. I would also love to test CalDAV, but that is NOT working for me. That is my next task!

    Hope that helps,
    Chris @ DPM

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    There is now a bug for the issue of not being able to modify shared calendars in iCal

    Bug 33429 – User with manager privileges not able to change events in shared calendar as displayed in iCal

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