Since we upgraded to 5.0.2 last week, one of my users has been complaining about problems with the iSync connector. She is using 5.0.1971. When she initiates a sync from the prefPane, it appears to work and finish normally, but Zimbra is not updated with events that have been added to iCal.

I "Reset Sync History" in iSync, then used the Advanced tab of the Zimbra iSync Connector prefPane to overwrite Zimbra with the data from the Mac. I then manually initiated a sync. Again, it appeared to work, but subsequently the ZWC calendar was empty. I checked the sync logs and found the following exception at the end of the log:

[Tue Apr 1 15:14:02 200] Caught exception while trying to sync calendars: name
= NSInvalidArgumentException, reason = [ISyncConcreteSession clientAcceptedChang
esForRecordWithIdentifier:formattedRecord:newRecor dIdentifier:]: you can't chang
e the record identifier from
EB4887E9 to 60995: it is already associated with a different record. (260)
[Tue Apr 1 15:14:02 200] [assert] error: !err
[assert] where: "", "-[ZimbraSyncManager sync:zimbraClient:mode:]"
, line: 464
[Tue Apr 1 15:14:02 200] committing changes (260)
[Tue Apr 1 15:14:03 200] cancelling sync (260)
[Tue Apr 1 15:14:03 200] [assert] error: !calendarErr
[assert] where: "", "Sync", line: 1071
I have tried searching the forums and the bug database, but have not found this exact error (though it looks similar to the Entourage syncing bug that was fixed in 5.0.3).

Will an upgrade to 5.0.4 resolve this? How about upgrading the user to the latest iSync connector (5.0.2100)?