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    Angry iCal event invitation

    So I signed up for the zimbra demo account to try things out on my MAC.

    • I first tried out the ical accounts settings for CalDAV. Wow, 4 calendars show up. Everything seems to work. Updates seem to take awhile but they show up on the server via the web interface. (and vice versa)
    • I downloaded the isync connector.
    • I then removed the account in ical and installed the isync connector. After using it for half a day I found that it didn't update reliable. I removed the demo account in the connector.

    During this time I had sent a few events on my personal calendars that had attendees. I learned the next day that the event invitations had the following message:
    Dan Demouser has invited you to the iCal event: test, scheduled for June 26, 2008 at 3:00 PM (US/Mountain). To accept or decline this invitation, click the link below.
    I had a number of folks ask who 'Dan Demouser' was. It took me an hour to realize it was the zimbra demo account name. Also, when the invites are accepted the reply is sent to the zimbra demo account, which has now expired.

    So how the hell do I undo this mess? I've looked in the mail and ical prefs folders and can't find anything in the plist files. I have no idea if it is the CalDAV account or the connector that is doing this.
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