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Thread: Difficulty syncing contacts to Zimbra (via iSync conduit)

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    Default Difficulty syncing contacts to Zimbra (via iSync conduit)

    I just set up the Zimbra conduit on my Mac (10.5.4, conduit version 5.0.2201), and synced both contacts and calendars. No problems with calendars. However, while the contacts show up in Zimbra, many of the fields on each are missing. In particular, telephone numbers, email addresses, and IM names aren't showing up. What's strange is that the vCard in the Contacts folder seems to have this information.

    Any ideas why this might be happening?

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    Never mind - it seems to have fixed itself. For some reason, the Zimbra server appears to be slow at integrating information from the initial iSync, so the phone and email information didn't show up properly.

    Now, there's a different (somewhat minor) issue: multiple occurrences of the same field don't all show up. In other words, if I have two email fields both labeled "email", only the first one shows up. I may have to fix this manually....

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