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Thread: iSync connector and .Mac/Mobile Me

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    Default iSync connector and .Mac/Mobile Me


    One of our users has been using the .Mac/Mobile Me sync thing. Then he installed the Zimbra iSync connector.

    After installation of the Zimbra iSync connector, all seems well.

    Connection OK, authenticated, syncs, but no data is transferred in any direction.

    Sync is extremely fast, and no contacts or calendar entries are synced from the computer to the server and vice versa. No error reports. The iCal calendar account is created, but it shows no calendars.

    Any ideas?

    This is very critical...



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    hmm makes me wonder if this was an issue with my set up too ...

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    Default Fixed

    Okay I think I have a fix

    First, REMOVE the Zimbra iSync from Preferences (right click in Prefs and remove)
    Second, REBOOT computer
    Third, download latest Zimbra iSync (try this one zimbra-isync-4.5.9_GA_1450.MACOSX_UB.dmg - Powered By Kayako eSupport)
    Foruth, install Zimbra iSync

    Now, if you want to sync with the iPhone you have two options
    * sync via iTunes (phone will only be up-to-date when plugged in)
    * sync via MobileMe (costs $$$ - but supports push)

    I'm using MobileMe for now - during freel trial and I can confirm that items added to the phone, show up in Zimbra, and vice versa.

    BUT YOU HAVE TO UPDATE your version of Zimbra iSync - it's THIS that causes all the issues!!!

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