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Thread: iSync calendars not working after upgrade to 5.0.7

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    Quote Originally Posted by interways View Post
    I found the solution!

    When using the default domain, you have to enter the username WITHOUT the domain. So should be entered just as test

    Then it works.

    With other domains, the username can/must contain the domain part.

    Still doesn't work for me. Talked to the server admins and they say everything is configured correctly.

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    Is it by design that the 5.0.7 connector only allows ical sync through caldev, as shown in the screenshot in the initial post? The 5.0.6 connector looks like this and gives the option to use isync.

    In the meantime i've gone back to the 5.0.6 connector, is there any issues with using this with a zimbra server on 5.0.8?
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