I'm feeling a bit puzzled. We have recently upgraded our Zimbra server to 5.0.7, and have installed a few iSync connectors for Mac users, and they basically seem to work.

However, several users have asked if they can just use CalDAV to access their Zimbra calendar in iCal without needing the connector installed. (Not sure why they want it this way, but that's what they say, and I'm not one to argue over such things.)

Most of our Mac users are on 5.0.2, including my test machine. I have seen people who have gotten farther than myself--when I try to "Subscribe" in iCal to Zimbra calendars, I get an error:

Error subscribing to the calendar
Data downloaded from https://mail.mycompany.com is not valid.

That's all I get. The Mac can access the Zimbra logon page, and I can log on to the web client, but nothing through iCal/Zimbra.

Is this supposed to work? I looked at the wiki pages called "CalDAV with Leopard iCal" and it seems like the answer is yes, but it's not terribly detailed, so perhaps I'm doing something wrong. I primarily use a Windows PC, so I'm not an experienced iCal user.

Is there a way to specify that this is an encrypted connection?