Cross-posted as a bug.

So, as far as I can tell, iCal is not syncing correctly with Zimbra server calendar on my computer. There are two symptoms:

1) I can't delete certain events - they appear to live on forever. For example, I have a synced Zimbra calendar called "IT". If I go into the web client and delete one of the troublesome events, it disappears and then reappears the next time I sync. This also occurs if I delete the item from within iCal, and then sync. In other words, I'm getting some "ghost" events that I can't get rid of either via iCal or the web client - they always reappear when I sync using the ZCS connector for Apple iSync.

2) I also have a shared calendar called "SoA-Academic-Planning" which is synced via ZCS connector for Apple computer is connected to Zimbra web client and also using the iSync connector for Zimbra. I set up a shared calendar which an admin. asst. and me have been adding events to. We ended up duplicating some events. She used the web client to enter and delete the duplicates, edit some of the titles of events, etc. Things looked good from her web client and mine. When my computer synced with iCal, I expected that my iCal calendar would reflect her changes. Instead, her changes were deleted, and the old information from my iCal calendar - i.e., the calendar including duplicates, old file names, etc. - repopulates the Zimbra calendar.

I have tried exporting the calendar to an ics file, deleting and re-creating the calendar, and then reimporting the ics file. I have also religiously updated the ZCS connector for iSync (current version is current 5.0.9 release).

A few more comments:
- I've also tried "Reset Sync Data..." in the ZCS connector system preference.
- This issue is not occurring, it seems, with Outlook connector, based on user feedback.
- I have an iPhone running 2.0.2 (5C1) which syncs to iCal, but it doesn't seem to have any to do this, since the problem occurred when the phone wasn't synced.

Any ideas? Suggestions?