I'm using the OS edition of Zimbra for about 2 years and have always been quite happy. I've always used Thunderbird to access my mails and was happy to find Zindus (Zindus) to help me synchronize my address books. I switched to a MacBook Pro a few months ago and could go on using my setup (Thunderbird/Zindus/Zimbra) without problem. I tried to use Lightning to have calendars too but it quickly became unusable as I could only read my calendar entries. Thus I bought a old-fashion calendar on paper to be able to have always it by hand.

So far so good.

Now, a few weeks ago I bought an iPhone and was as such forced to use the Address Book of Mac OS X. I managed to import all my entries and was pleased with that, although my contacts were not synchronized anymore with Thunderbird nor Zimbra.

OK. Yesterday I thought I should give a try to the network edition of Zimbra and installed it (I'll have to deal with Outlook too for a colleague). But how am I disappointed as the iSync does not handle multiple address books, what a pity! Zindus does it for free! And what about calendars? It seems I cannot really synchronize them to local calendars and as such it seems I cannot synchronize them to my iPhone.

My setup becomes complex too if I want to have all my stuff together:

iPhone <-> Mac OSX with iTunes
Mac OSX <-> Zimbra with iSync
Zimbra <-> Thunderbird with Zindus

Not to talk about duplicated entries, stuff that do not show up...

I'll have to test the Outlook connector too to see whether it works better because I'm not convinced to pay a yearly fee just to have connectors in addition to the OS edition (I do not need other stuffs) and have something I'm not 100% happy with :-(