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Thread: [SOLVED] Zimbra Sync Connector issues

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    Default [SOLVED] Zimbra Sync Connector issues

    Hey there

    Right, so I've got some issues with Zimbra and my Mac. Everything had been going swimingly for over a year - no hassles, etc.

    Then all of a sudden things stopped working - I had countless issues with contact syncing and such like. I turned it all off. Somehow Zimbra managed to blow away all my calendars - no biggie didn't have THAT many that I can't rebuild.

    However NOW any item added in Zimbra via WEB will NOT sync with iCal. Items created in iCal do seem to sync the other way - but sparodically and NOT within the sync time frame (sync every min)

    I went to IT and asked if they upgraded & I grabbed the latest Zimbra iSync (v4.5.6) from the admin. Now when I go to install it get an error (see attached image)

    I removed Zimbra Pane from Preferences (how do I uninstall???) ... but I still get the error

    HELP I don't know what to do anymore ... what I want is the following

    * To use Apple Mail & iCal for ALL email & calendars
    * To use my iPhone (via iTunes & MobileMe) for calendars - (can't use Zimbra for this because of the contacts issue & our IT not wanting integration because the last iPhone crashed our Zimbra Server)

    * To never have to use the Zimbra Web Client again (unless I don't have my mac handy)

    Please help ...
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    Ha .. needed to reboot .. doh.

    Fixed here

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