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Thread: Using iSync 5.0.7 (or 8) with Tiger

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    Question Using iSync 5.0.7 (or 8) with Tiger

    Hello forum

    I have a few questions

    1. If I'm a Mac OS Tiger user and the latest Zimbra products for Mac use CalDav, will I be able to use the latest Zimbra Mac related products?

    2. How do I get rid of the Conflict Resolver? I tell it to resolve similar conflicts and sync now, but it keeps popping up.

    3. Why if I delete a calendar entry in iCal does it pop back up and not delete on both ends?

    4. Is there a way to set Apple Mail to have an Accept "button"?


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    1. If you use the current (5.0.7 and later) connector with Tiger, it will revert to using Sync Services and not allow the CalDAV option.

    2. I used to get it predictable by making sure that both Zimbra has the contacts and calendars perfect, then use the connector to overwrite the Mac with the Zimbra server-side contents. If you also have Entourage in the mix, you will have conflicts pop-up--disable that if you can.

    3. This has not been a problem for me with Tiger or Leopard in a long time-- see my solution for number 1 for settling that down.

    4. In getting an event in Mail as an ics file you can open in iCal and accept it there, though I think the Zimbra Web Client is better for this kind of thing.

    Good luck,
    Chris @ DPM
    Version 6.0.16_GA_2998.NETWORK Apr 4, 2012 MACOSXx86
    Xserve 2x Dual Core Xeons 10GB with Xserve RAID

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