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Thread: Adding and changing appointments on iPhone with CalDAV connector

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    Default Adding and changing appointments on iPhone with CalDAV connector

    I am actually struggling with the following setup. And I'm really glad if someone could help me or give me any hints.

    We have some executives here wich are using the following setup:
    Zimbra 5.0.9 <-> Leopbard 10.5.4/5 <-> Connector 5.0.3325 CalDAV <-> iPhone 1.1.x

    iPhone/iTunes/iCal/Apple (please check what's applicable) does not allow to fully synchronise the iPhone Calendar to the Zimbra Server. On the iPhone, synchronised appointments from the Zimbra Server cannot be modified or deleted. On the other hand, newly created appointments on the iPhone cannot be synchronised to a CalDAV calendar. iTunes only allow local calendars to be used for new appointments.

    Does someone have a similar setup or could give me any hints?

    Thanks in advance!
    - Dan

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    Default iPhone & CalDAV

    This is a known issue with the iPhone CalDAV iCal implementation. I've read somewhere that this feature will be added in a future release of the iPhone software, but thus far haven't seen it yet.

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