I am relatively new to Zimbra, and up until this week I had loved everything that I had seen. I am the IT manager for a medium sized business, and I am looking at dumping our current Mail solution in favor of Zimbra. We have moved from using the Community Edition to using a Network Trial for our testing.

My organization has a large percentage of users that are Mac users, as am I. So one thing that is very important to me is that the functionality on the PC and on the Mac be equivalent (or reasonably close).

To that end, I decided to install the iSync connector and get everything set up, and it is this very connector that is prompting this question. I am using Leopard as my OS (10.5.5 to be specific), and I have the iSync connector version 5.0.2533 installed. (My sys admin assures me that the network trial that we are running is the newest one available).

From reading around on the forums, it would appear that CalDAV has been adopted as the primary method for iCal syncing in Leopard. However, I am not able to make changes to my calender using iCal. The calendars are available in iCal, and if I make a change in the Ajax UI, it will be available in iCal.

So, my question: Should I be able to make changes to my Zimbra Calendars in iCal? Also, as I have been researching this issue, I have seen several screen shots where it would appear that the end user is allowed to select exactly which calendars they would like to sync, but I am only getting an option to use CalDAV. There is no list of Calendars. Is this to be expected?