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Thread: Shared calendar events generating alarms

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    Default Shared calendar events generating alarms

    I have a couple of users who have iCal setup using Caldav to see their own calendars plus a number of shared calendars.

    The issue is that they keep getting alerts from other users calendars for events. Is this by design, or a bug? I wouldn't anticipate an alarm from iCal for an event that is in another person's shared calendar. If it's by design, is there a way to turn off shared calendar alarms?


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    Zimbra's iCal integration isn't perfect. I've been struggling for MONTHS now and haven't been able to seal clients on it because of these issues (I'm an Apple Consultant and iCal not even 90% functional breaks the deal - how about trying to edit the shared calendars?)

    I have seen no way to turn off the Alert. If one user has on then all users get the alert in iCal. They will not all push to the iPhone if your users are using active sync. Then they only get their own.

    You should make sure that the global settings for calendar alerts are set to never. I think mine were defaulted to 5 minutes or so.

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    Default Ignoring iCal Shared Calendar Alarms

    In iCal (version 3.0.7), you can ignore alarms for Caldav shared calendars by doing the following:

    1. control + click the shared calendar, select 'get info'
    2. in the new dialog box that appears, choose to 'ignore alarms.'
    3. repeat for each shared calendar

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