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    I use Lightning to sync my Calender. But I have a problem, if I try to delete a calender entry in Lightning, than the entry is only for a few seconds not displayed, but after a short time I can see the calender entry. If I delete it in the Webclient, than the entry isn't displayed anymore.

    Anyone a idea?


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    I have same problem. Can you please help me? Thank you!

    TB: 3.1.7
    Lightning: 1.0b2 rc3
    OS: ArchLinux x64

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    yes, I've had that for a long time... Here's what I know;
    1. If I delete a zimbra appointment from lightning, it only deletes "locally" - it never actually is deleted on zimbra, hence when lightning calendar does a "reload" the appointment pops back.
    2. If I use lightning with google calendar (google provider), and delete an appointment, it does delete on google.
    3. If I use my iphone with my zimbra calendar, and delete an appointment on the iphone, it DOES delete it on the zimbra calendar

    Basically this tells me that either the problem actually lies with lightning, or possibly it's an area where lightning and zimbra SLIGHTLY deviate from true rfc... This may be one reason that lightning only works right with google if you install the google provider plugin... but it doesn't really look like a zimbra problem per se

    BUT dang it! I sure hope someone provides a solution!

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    I posted this on bugzilla, and Philipp Kewisch pointed out that if I set up the calendar as caldav instead of ICS, I can delete appointments no problem...

    To do this, create a new calendar in Lightning, which points to your zimbra calendar: ie.


    Zio Tibia (also on bugzilla) reports this workaround for anyone who needs/prefers to use ICS instead of CalDAV with lightning/thunderbird/zimbra:


    1. Open event details
    2. Go on Options -> Status -> Cancelled
    3. Save and Close

    Note: this removes the appointment from the server [only] - the appointment doesn't disappear from lightning until you reload the remote calendars

    Thanks to Phillipp and Zio!
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