i've a problem with the isync connector 5.0.10 on Mac OS X 10.4.x (Tiger, PowerPC).

Sync with the addressbook works as expected.

Sync of the calendars has a lot of issues:
1. First sync of Calendar (Zimbra) to iCal works as expected. The calendar Calendar is created in iCal. If i move a appointment on Zimbra and make a sync it's like it is copied. The same if i move an appointment on iCal and sync.
2. If i sync my other iCal calendars from iCal to Zimbra they were created on zimbra and the first sync seems OK. But if i sync a second time, my calendar in iCal looses all appointments while the Zimbra calendars still have all appointments. After this time no appointment get synced. I can create one on iCal but it newer gets to Zimbra. And i can create one in Zimbra and it never gets to iCal after a sync.
3. After using iSanc my subscribed calendars in iCal vanish.

Are there known issues with Apple iSync on Mac OS X 10.4.x (PowerPC)? Or are there other steps i have to do when syncing with my Mac?