I am trying to understand the additional benefits of the Apple Desktop Connector given that both Zimbra and iCal now support CalDAV.

With CalDAV (and IMAP + LDAP), we get:

• Sync Apple Mail
• Sync iCal
• Access to the GAL via LDAP for Mail and Address Book.

(LDAP discussed at http://www.zimbra.com/forums/isync-c...directory.html. I don't currently see an easy way to access the GAL in iCal, but this doesn't seem to be a feature of the Apple Desktop Connector, either.)

While the Desktop Connector did allow one to sync Entourage at one time, this no longer seems to be the case for current versions of Zimbra and Entourage 2008: http://www.zimbra.com/forums/isync-c...ge-2008-a.html By the way the information on Entourage support here seems to be a bit misleading, or at least overly vague.

So right now the only benefits I can think of for Desktop Connector are:

• Sync personal address book with Zimbra (yes?)
• Sync personal (non-shared) calendar with Zimbra (yes?)
• Sync personal mail (accounts on non-Zimbra server) with Zimbra (yes?)
• Maybe an easier sync of Zimbra data with iPod/iPhone (?) But if you have Zimbra Mobile, this is largely superfluous.

And the downsides of Desktop Connector:

• Additional cost, if it's the only thing that's driving acquisition of Zimbra Professional edition.
• One more thing to configure and potentially cause confusion.

Can anyone tell me what I'm missing, or is Apple Desktop Connector + iSync basically on the way out?