OK, I poked around but didn't see anything that looks quite the same.

My company's CEO has been using the iCal connector on OSX10.5 for some time without a hitch, but starting in the past few weeks, there have been issues. He's using the iCal connector version 5.0.9. He used to have no difficulty syncing his iCal, Zimbra Calendar, and iPhone, but now we have two symptoms:

1) Every time a sync occurs, he gets the same message about having to update 1100 (or whatever) entries in his calendar. The sync then appears to work, but if run again a minute later, it will throw the message about having to make the same 1100 updates.

2) Data now appears to be syncing in only one direction--from Zimbra folders to iCal. Data entered on his phone does not get replicated to Zimbra (or apparently even his iCal, although it may be that iCal is being updated but is then overwritten by the Zimbra data, I'm not sure).

When the problem first occurred, I uninstalled the iCal connector, reinstalled, and reset the account sync data. At first I thought that corrected the problem of the constant "1100 changes" message, but the user has reported that continues to happen.

I realize this is a bit light on details, but that's about what I've got to work with. I haven't been able to discover settings for preferences or controls for the sync'ing behavior other than the really basic setup info in System Preferences. Also, unfortunately, I don't currently have access to the system that is experiencing this problem--it's the CEO and he's traveling.

A few general questions:

1) The control for conflict resolution--is that a part of iCal, iSync, the iPhone itself, or what? What am I supposed to be looking for?

2) Anyone who has an iCal/Zimbra/iPhone setup working? What order did you set everything up in? How many things are "installed" and what information did you have the chance to provide?

Since I don't have the machine, any general tips or avenues to investigate would be appreciated.