After banging my head against a wall trying to make iCal work well with CalDav I am ready to give up. As is fairly well documented in these forums and Apple's iCal does not work well with the combination of local calendars and CalDav calendars. One cannot easily accept an invite to a CalDav calendar if they have a local calendar, cannot easily move that accepted invite...and more.

With that said I am trying to figure out a way to force the Zimbra Connector to use iSync via SOAP for my calendars instead of CalDav. At least I would have local calendars and could wait until iCal is "fixed" before moving further down the CalDav path.

I see some plist files and nib files that have the word caldav in them. The binary files in the Zimbra directory under the prefs pane folder also seem to have this string in it. What do I need to change or download or whatever to get iSync working without CalDav? Thanks.