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Thread: Custom-made Desktop connector?

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    Default Custom-made Desktop connector?


    I am wondering whether it is possible for me to write my own connector to work with the open source version of the Zimbra server.

    I know the open source version doesn't support the standard connectors (like the "iSync/CalDAV connector"), and I would like to know if I could implement the same protocol into my own connector and use it in the same way.

    If yes, is the API documented and available?

    Thank you for any information.

    Best regards,

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    Quote Originally Posted by LuciWiz View Post
    I know the open source version doesn't support the standard connectors (like the "iSync/CalDAV connector")
    The open source version does support CalDAV, along with IMAP/POP3/SMTP and WebDAV. Only the proprietary connectors (iSync, Outlook/MAPI, ActiveSync, Blackberry) require the Network Edition.

    With the latest version of Mac OS, iSync is really only used for Address Book synchronization.

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