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Thread: Mac OS/X 10.6 Snow Leopard

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    I'm a registered developer running the latest seed of 10.6 I got in san francisco last week. I'm also running the latest zimbra ne with a "real" signed ssl certificate, and I also have direct vpn access to the server.

    The first three times I tried to use the exchange setup wizard on 10.6 in automatic mode it wouldn't connect to zimbra. The only Exchange server setting is for 2007. It continually fails to connect to server. There are settings for internal exchange and external exchange settings. I use my local IP through my VPN in the internal setting and my external ssl-signed mail server settings in the external setting.

    Either way, it ain't workin'. Is Zimbra "Exchange 2003-like" or "Exchange 2007-like"? At only $29, a lot of people are going to be on 10.6 the day it comes out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by jongra View Post
    Either way, it ain't workin'. Is Zimbra "Exchange 2003-like" or "Exchange 2007-like"?
    Apple decided to implement EWS (Exchange Web Service).
    EWS is currently used by Exchange 2007 only.

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    In short if you connect to Zimbra from a Mac, you should use IMAP/SMTP/CalDAV, not the Exchange config.

    Great news about Snow Leopard costing only $29, though. As is noted upthread, it should work hand-in-hand with improvements to Zimbra 5.0.17 and 6 to make both CalDAV and contact sync (via CardDAV) work better.

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    I used Exchange (ActiveSync) to setup an account on an iPod Touch (FW 3.1.2). I had to disable ssl to make it work. Mail Address Book an Agenda on the iPod Touch sync instantly with the zimbra web client on Safari on Snow Leopard. I would like to setup Mail on the desktop mac with an exchange 2007 account but this does not work. The connection to the zimbra server failed. (with and without ssl)
    Suggestions on making this work?

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