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Thread: Kontact does not delete event via iCal

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    Default Kontact does not delete event via iCal

    Kontact (KDE 4.2) does not delete event(task) on zimbra sever via iCal connection.
    Editing or creating new events goes fine.
    What may be the problem ?

    Kontact after deletig events sends to zimbra calendar file without deleted event.

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    Seems to be a Zimbra bug, still present on 7.1.1.

    I tried with Kontact from KDE 3.5 and from KDE 4.3.2 and the same thing happens. Kontact deletes the event and uploads the correct ICS file. However Zimbra ignores the deletion. On the next update Zimbra sends an ICS file that still contains the deleted event and Kontact accepts it so the deleted event is back.

    In fact, if you do several changes plus one deletion you will see the different changes get applied and the deletion is selectively rejected by Zimbra.

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