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Thread: [SOLVED] Shared Calendar not accessible on the web

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    Default [SOLVED] Shared Calendar not accessible on the web


    I have installed zcs 5.0.14 on an Ubuntu 8.04. The first day I was able to create and share a calendar.Right now when I try to sync from a shared calendar, I receive "The following URL is not currently reachable: http://localhost/home/user1@localdomain.localhost/FILE.ics", while I can open/download it through my Firefox 3.5. What is more strange is that

    I cannot get it via
    wget http://localhost/home/user1@localdom...lhost/FILE.ics

    It gives me

    HTTP request sent, awaiting response... 401 permission denied you do not have sufficient permissions
    Authorization failed.

    Can someone help me on this ?

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    I made a mistake here too.
    I needed to do
    wget http://user1:user1password@localhost/home/user1@localdomain.localhost/FILE.ics
    to have it work.

    I couldl get it via the browser because I had already sign up in Zimbra :s

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