Howdy, Zimbra folks --

I was hoping that those using the betas of Snow Leopard or the Zimbra devs could offer a bit of advice for those who will be upgrading to Snow Leopard over the next month or so.

1) Assuming that a Leopard machine is using IMAP with Mail, CalDAV with iCal and the current iSync connector for Address Book sync, will all of those applications continue to work as expected after the Snow Leopard upgrade without modification?

2) 5.0.17 apparently brought delegation support for CalDAV with the new Snow Leopard iCal. How is that enabled on the server side, and what client-side changes will be necessary to use delegation appropriately within iCal?

3) Will CardDAV be ready in both Snow Leopard and Zimbra, or will we need to continue to use the iSync connector? If CardDAV will be ready, is there any advice in migrating from iSync to CardDAV?

Let us know, thanks!