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Thread: Apple Mail 4.0 (SL) and Zimbra (MS Exchange)

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    Default Apple Mail 4.0 (SL) and Zimbra (MS Exchange)

    Hi guys,

    you know that SL 10.6 will have native support to MS Exchange 2007 built-in in the Apple Mail. I've tried to connect my zimbra account via Mail, but doesn't work. Zimbra uses Exchange 2003 or 2007? Do you have intention to support the new Apple client to operate with Zimbra (like iPhone client)?


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    Zimbra doesn't use Exchange protocols at all for desktop clients, only ActiveSync with mobile devices that support that protocol. For more details you might try searching the forums as this topic is being raised lot these days.

    In a nutshell, Apple Mail will still use IMAP to connect to Zimbra, and it works quite well that way, at least with version of Mail I have (3.6).

    The reason Zimbra works with Outlook is that it uses a special connector add-on, rather than emulating MS's proprietary MAPI protocol. The Exchange protocol used by Snow Leopard (and the new version of Entourage, and the forthcoming Outlook 2010 for Mac) is (proprietary) Exchange Web Services, which basically has nothing to do with Zimbra.

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