Before complaining further to our Campus Zimbra support, could someone tell me whether I should be able to accept an invitation in iCal and have it propagate back to the server and inform the proposer that I have accepted? Is that working for others?

One of the problems I am having in iCal on 10.5.8 is that although the invitation comes through, and I can accept, the person who sends the invitation is never notified that I have accepted. Since I have two different accounts (with different user names) I tested this as follows:

1. In the AJAX client, and separately in Zimbra Desktop I created invitations from my primary account to invite my secondary account to a meeting.

2. I went to iCal and could see the proposal in the primary account where it is colored and has the ? next to the person. I could also see the invitation in the secondary account where it is colorless.

3. I clicked on the invitation, and then clicked the accept button. When I did this the invitation became colored and showed accepted.

4. I looked at the primary account in iCal and that is still showing the ? next to the person even after multiple forced refreshes.

5. I went back to the primary account in the AJAX client and Zimbra Desktop and both are still showing that they are waiting for a response from my secondary account.

It seems to me that it would be pretty strange if I could not accept invitations in iCal and have them propagate back to the proposer because there would be no put offering the service, so was hoping someone could suggest what the problem might be. Is this a problem with Zimbra/iCal as a whole, or something that is happening on our campus?

Another problem, possibly related to this, is that in iCal on 10.6 Preview I cannot even create appointments using my primary account because those menu items are grayed out. I can, however create them in every other account I have.

Any suggestions on that would be appreciated as well.