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Thread: Problems with CalDAV on Snow Leopard

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    Default support for CalDAV delegation in 5.0.18

    Quote Originally Posted by billywyatt View Post
    I had issues with 5.0.15. Upgraded to 5.0.18 seemed to resolve everything. Works great now.
    Quote Originally Posted by billywyatt View Post
    I will re emphasize that an upgrade to 5.0.18 resolved all my CalDAV issues. Ö I cant find the post now but found one earlier explaining there were a lot of changes to CALDAV in 5.0.18. Ö I now have smooth operations across all Snow Leopard users.
    Quote Originally Posted by klopfer View Post
    Good call billywyatt. 5.0.16->5.0.18 fixed the snow leopard caldav issues for me.
    Patch 5.0.18 has nine references to CalDAV. If I understand that page's Requirements (RFE) table correctly, probably most relevant to this thread is CalDAV: Add support for calendar delegation.

    If Apple has elevated requirements for iCal 4.0 interop with CalDAV servers, we should request from them a clear statement to that effect.

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    I have exactly the same problem. After further investigation it seems that when you share your calendar with any other user, the problem appears. If your calendar belongs only to yourself then everything works.

    This did not happen on Tiger or Leopard but with the new "Snow Leopard" only.

    Does anyone have any feedback on this?

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