Hi all,

some of our users make use of Mac Address books feature to create Address Book Groups. If you create entries in a Address book group (on the mac) each sync to the zimbra server causes the entries in the address book group to be duplicated on the server side.

If you have a couple of users in one address book group and wait for 1 day, you end up with ~10.000 identical address book entries. I have tried with isync connector 5.0.18, 5.0.19 and 6.0.2 (Server Version is 5.0.18). All with the same result.

How to reproduce:
On the Mac, create an address book group
create a new entry in that group
create a second entry in that group
sync to server
sync to server again

you will find the second entry to appear twice on the server (check in the Zimbra Webinterface).

Is there a known workaround? Can somebody confirm this behavior?