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Thread: iSync - addressbook problems

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    Default iSync - addressbook problems


    I'm trying to get the sync with addressbook to work. I have approx 10k contacts in various groups. I realised pretty quickly that syncing them all (not all are related to my current job) is not useful and downright unhandleable in the webclient (cannot mass select etc).

    So instead I'm trying to set up a partial sync. Selected only a shared folder with colleagues where we will build up a new contacts database that I would like to have a 2-way sync with.

    However try as I might (even after a clean reinstall of isync) the tool attempts to sync all 10k contacts to my personal contacts folder; and hogs all the cpu/lots of memory. And then I have not even addressed the problem of addressbook groups which the initial full sync just turned into distribution lists in the zumbra contacts (unusable again)...

    Does anybody face the same issues or have any tips for a workaround? We're using 5.0.19 and os x 10.5.5.

    Cheers, Florian

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    Hi all!

    I'm sorry, I don't have any solution but the same problem:
    I'm just configuring Zimbra as our little firm's new mailing system. As we are using both macs and pcs I'm now checking out the best way to access zimbra. The webclient is, compared to i.e. apple mail, not such a pleasant thing.
    What I think is good is the tagging: but there seems no way to use the tags in the apple address book, which would solve the problem.
    But at least the connector should translate different address books (folders) in zimbra to groups in the apple address book and vice versa. The translation of apple groups to zimbra distribution groups is not helpful at categorizing contacts.

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    I'm finding it very frustrating as well, that it is not possible to sync only specific groups (in Mac) or address books (in Zimbra). I also find it annoying that you can't even specify which address book a new contact will get added to when created in AddressBook and synced with Zimbra.

    From what I understand the issue is a difference in how Zimbra and AddressBook classify "groups". In Zimbra each group is really a separate address book, while in AddressBook they are like categories within one address book.

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