Some time back, I managed to do something that resulted in iCal throwing CalDAVWriteEntityQueueableOperation errors every time it starts (the problem, I think, was either rights confusion or a lack of support for writing to shared Zimbra calendars under some circumstances, but that's not what I'm trying to solve).

The laptop on which the original sin was committed continues to throw a slew of these errors every time I start iCal -- iCal on other machines I use is fine, so it's not a Zimbra problem. Nothing, including changing the shared accounts and reinstalling iCal, has stopped this. I am guessing that the iCal queue persists on the machine in file form somewhere and persists regardless of changes in the accounts or reinstallation of iCal. Anybody got any idea where? It's a minor irritation, but I have to go through it once or twice a day.

The caldav debugger addins for iCal don't seem to do anything useful, but I could well be wrong about that.

All help appreciated.