I am having problems with Apple iSync when trying to Reset Sync Data. Let me start at the beginning... After the last Zimbra upgrade we installed (we are running 5.0.18_GA_3011.MACOSXx86_10.5 NETWORK edition) I noticed on my iPhone that a new contact I had made in Address Book was duplicating itself on a never-ending basis. So, I logged into zimbra webmail and sure enough, there it is, going on forever. There was only 1 in my Apple Address Book, however. So, my computer guy tells me to Reset the sync data via the Zimbra pane in my System Preferences. I do and it works great. No more duplicating contact. My boss then realizes he is having the same issue, so I try to reset the sync data on his machine. It says it has finished the sync, but it only pushed 25 contacts to the server (there were over 600). Then, it continues to ask him if it is okay to delete data for several days. So, I think maybe he needs a newer version of the iSync connector, so I download it from the Admin Console, but it crashes when trying to install. I then notice that the iSync connector is version 5.0.17, even though the server is running 5.0.18. So, I contact tech support and finally figure out they want me to install version 5.0.19 (of the iSync connector). So, I do. Version 5.0.19 installs on the affected machine fine, but still will not complete the sync when resetting the sync data. And, now, since I have installed version 5.0.19 on my machine, it is doing the same thing. Even when I re-installed version 5.0.17 on my machine, it still will not complete the reset sync data. And, it doesn't give an error message. It says that the sync finished even though it only pushed a fraction of the contacts to the server. Also, those few that do get pushed are now duplicating themselves over and over. I have several ideas on how to get around it, but it would be nice if iSync worked properly, so I thought I would give the forum a try. Maybe there is a bug someone knows about? Any help would be MUCH appreciated! Thank you!