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Thread: iCal (via CalDAV) error: "The calendar X was not found on the server."

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    We've seen this intermittently for some of our users. For users on a Mac we've had success in a couple of cases with opening immediately after iCal throws the error and observing the error written there. In contains the .ics of a presumably problematic appointment. Deleting that appointment from both the web client and iCal (if it has already synced to iCal) resolved the issue.

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    I just encountered this problem on ZCS 6.0.8 NE using iCal on Snow Leopard via CalDav connection. The irony is that the offending appointment that broke the CalDav connection to the Zimbra server was a Webex appointment for the Zimbra Overview & ZCS 7.0 Live Preview. I attached the .ics file that was attached to my invitation.

    When I received it, I tried adding the appointment through iCal, which immediately couldn't write to Zimbra anymore. The copy was cached locally and kept trying to write to the server until I deleted the CalDav account and re-made it. I also tried adding and accepting the appointment through the Zimbra web interface, and that succeeded. But, ical still shows the appointment as tentative, although caldav still works.

    Can someone verify the problem with the attached ics file?
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    Bump. One of my users is experiencing the same thing. No log messages indicating anything is wrong on the server side.


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