I'm using iCal on Snow Leopard with a Zimbra server (not sure which version - I believe it's 5.0+, but I don't administer it, nor can I find a version number anywhere in the web UI).

I've configured my Zimbra calendar in iCal using CalDAV, but after a short period of time it stops syncing, displays a warning icon beside the calendar, which, when clicked, displays the following message:

"The calendar X was not found on the server. Make sure the URL is correct."

(where X is the CalDAV URL of my Zimbra calendar)

I've tried reconfiguring the calendar in iCal, but each time the error eventually (usually within a day) returns.

One thing I noticed is that iCal appears to append a forward slash character ('/') on the end of the URL I'm typing in, and even if I manually remove it, the error message always shows the URL with the forward slash on the end.

What's the resolution for this issue? As you might imagine it's quite frustrating (particularly since I sync my iPhone with Zimbra, not with iCal directly).

Thanks in advance,