Looks like Apple fixed at least one CalDAV-related bug in Snow Leopard 10.6.4. But there's another one that's been an annoyance hereabouts and I wonder if I could enlist the help of the Zimbra community in getting Apple's to address it.

Try this:

  1. Invite a Mac user (running Snow Leopard) to a meeting.
  2. Have them accept the meeting with their iPhone (ActiveSync) or ZWC.
  3. Have them refresh their calendar in iCal and look for the meeting.

What you'd expect: the meeting will show up as a solid colored rectangle, and if you open it the status shows as "Accept".

What you'll see: the meeting shows up as a dotted-line un-colored rectangle, and if you open it, it still has the Maybe/Decline/Accept buttons showing. But the invitee does show with a green checkmark--and clicking the Accept button fixes the display problem without re-notifying the organizer.

The reason this is happening is because of Bug 40833 - CalDav with iCal 10.6 Snow Leopard doesn't respect partstat. And what you can do about it is to log into Bug Reporting - Apple Developer and point Apple to the bug (in your own words or with just a link). It may help to mention bug id 7875337, which is what my report was assigned. If you don't have an Apple developer account, you can create one for free, or you can use Apple - Mac OS X - Feedback instead.

Many thanks.