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Thread: [SOLVED] Lightning Calendar can't Delete

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    Default [SOLVED] Lightning Calendar can't Delete

    I've been using Lightning Calendar plugin for Thunderbird for some time now. It works very well, even with repeating appointments, but there is one problem that I'm still experiencing...

    If I delete an appointment in Thunderbird's Lightning, it does NOT delete in Zimbra, (still shows in zimbra web client). The deleted appointment appears to delete in lightning - but upon a "reload calendar" action, the "deleted" appointment comes back because it never was actually deleted on Zimbra.

    Create appointments work, change name/date/time/recurring all seem to work, just can't DELETE an appointment from the Thunderbird calendar.

    I searched this forum and found many references to this issue - but all were from 2007 - 2008.. Nothing since then, which leads me to wonder if it got fixed for a while and now is broke again? or if everyone simply gave up on Lightning..(!)

    Now the real important question: Is this a Lightning problem or a Zimbra problem?

    ps. fwiw Lightning does support google calendar (with provider plugin) and deletions do work to the google calendar...
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