After completing our migration to ZCS 4.0.2 last week, I went about testing out the iSync Connector for iCal/AB and Entourage this week. We have a shared vacation calendar that a number of management people have View access to. The sharing works fine with the Outlook connector (4.0.2) and vacation entries for employees show up properly as all-day events for however long their vacation time is. When syncing with iCal however the same calendar entries do not show up as all-day events but instead are scheduled from midnight of one date to midnight of another while the "all-day" checkbox remains unchecked. As a result the entries only show up on the starting date of the entry and they don't span across the proper number of days, as they do in Outlook or the Web client.

Has anyone else seen this behavior? There are a few Mac users so far that will need the iCal syncing to work properly, with an increasing number of Mac users as we start using more shared calendars for resource and workflow scheduling.

I can provide the .ics file as downloaded by the iSync connector as reference since the events appear not to be marked as all-day events in there either.

ZCS Network Edition 4.0.2_GA_362.RHEL4 32 bit
Mac OS X 10.4.8/10.3.9
iSync Connector 0.9.14