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Thread: Calendar Sync - iCal, iPhone, ZEC

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    Default Calendar Sync - iCal, iPhone, ZEC

    After upgrading from ZCS 6.0.8 to 7.1.0, my Mac/iPhone users are having syncing issues between the iPhone, iCal, and Zimbra web client.

    1. Create event on iCal. Does not show up on iPhone or ZWC.
    2. Create event on iPhone. Does not show up on iCal or ZWC.
    3. Create event on ZWC. DOES show up on iCal, but DOES NOT on the iPhone.

    We are all using the latest iSync connector. This all worked fine until the latest upgrade. Any suggestions?

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    Might as well get this out of the way: please log into your Zimbra server's shell and do

    su zimbra
    zmcontrol -v

    Then put the result into your profile under Zimbra/OS information.

    It sounds like you have Network Edition, so I'd suggest you try Zimbra support if you don't get any answers here. Unfortunately, I don't have any other suggestions at this point.

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    zimbra 7.0.1 doesn't sync calendar with google! (it didn't download any of my 5 calendars from google)

    How can I fix it? Or when it will be fixed?

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    One of my users has the same issue. However I don't. His iPAD works fine all the ways but just the iPhone. I have recreated the accounts etc and the best we can get is the iPhone will send calendar entries to Zimbra and delete them BUT not pull the existing entries. iPad just works on the exact same user.
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