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Thread: OSX Lion iCal using alias when creating appt with invites

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    Default OSX Lion iCal using alias when creating appt with invites

    Anyone seen anything like this??

    I'm using iCal with CalDAV, and when I create an appt, and add an attendee, then I get an invite in my inbox, from one of my aliases assigned to my primary account.

    I then deleted the alias the iCal was using, and it started using another. It's almost as if it's using the last alias under the primary account. Never saw this until after I upgraded to Lion.

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    I can't comment directly on this, but I've run into issues with aliases and CalDAV in the past, to the point that I avoid creating aliases on our ZCS. Instead I create single-user distro lists.

    Reviewing bugzilla, it looks like one of those issues has been fixed as of 7.1.1. So I'd suggest first upgrading to that (or wait for 7.1.2), and then if you still see the problem, please open a report in bugzilla and post the bug # here.

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