I'm hoping someone may be able to help me.

I am having trouble setting up my Zimbra server's CalDAV in iCal on both Snow Leopard and Lion. Both these tell me that "The server did not specify a calendar home location at /principals/users/[USERNAME]/ - https://[SERVERNAME]". (user and server name edited out.)

I have checked the PROPFIND request to this location on my server and note that although it specifies an addressbook-home-set for CardDAV, there is no mention of CalDAV in the response.

I am unsure as to whether this is a problem with iCal or Zimbra, but assume that since it affects all accounts on the server, it is something at the server end. This is a server just newly installed yesterday, so I hope that it's not something that I have configured wrongly.

If anyone can help that'd be grand as I am thoroughly confused!