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Thread: CardDav, Address book and 10.6.8

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    Default CardDav, Address book and 10.6.8


    I don't seem to be able to get my contacts synced on 10.6.8 with address book and CardDav. We are using ZCS 6.0.6.
    I am hoping for a solution without having to use the Zimbra Connector but using the existing CardDav functionality.
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    For CardDAV support, I would really recommend going to ZCS 7 and Mac OS 10.7.

    You might get it working with your current combination (although you may have to upgrade ZCS at least within 6.x), provided you only have a single domain in Zimbra. Search the forums for more information.

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    I use Zimbra 7 but am stuck with 10.6.8 for some more time...
    Still can't seem to connect. Did anyone found any solution for this? Works fine on my iPhone...

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    Is that working for you? We're also trying to get CardDAV to run with ZCS 7 and Mac OS 10,7. But experiencing issues with Address Books. E.g. extra Address Books we setup in the WebClient don't show up in Address Book in 10.7. Groups get weird. etc.


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    There are a number of issues with cardDAV and the various versions of MAC OS as well as the iSync connector.

    1) cardDAV only syncs the first Address book in a users account when listed alphabetically
    eg if you have address books Alpha, Beta, Gamma, Contacts, then the records in Alfa will be synced with the Mac Address Book.
    If you had Contacts, Delta, Epsilon, then the records in Contacts would be synced. This is true for all versions of MAC Os
    See Bug 62798 – CardDav syncs only first folder in the Address Book list

    2) cardDAV does not sync shared address books. If a user account has a shared address book mounted, the records in that address book are not synced to the Mac address book. This is true for all versions of MAC Os See Bug 62798 – CardDav syncs only first folder in the Address Book list

    3) cardDAV on the Mac- Snow Leopard (10.6) has issues with authentication where the account name contains a domain (eg This is an apple bug, and not zimbra. It is possible to get cardDAV to sync an account where the Zimbra system has only one domain, or only one domain in the ZCS requires cardDAV. There are some forum responses that mentions kluges and work arounds with DNA and/or host file entries. These MAY work, but as of yet I have not personally been able to get a reliable, deploy-able configuration.
    See CardDAV - Zimbra :: Wiki
    See Ajcody-Apple-Mac-Issues - Zimbra :: Wiki

    4) The iSync connector does sync all address books in a user account to the MAC address book, however it does not separate the records into address book groups in the MAC, placing them all under the ALL Contacts group.

    5) The latest version of the iSync connector (zimbra-isync-7.2.0_GA_2666.MACOSX_UB) has a bug in the auth token update that causes it to stop syncing and pops System preference panes.
    See Bug 75337 – Repeated system alerts after upgrading to 7.2 and Forum thread

    Comments have been made that the iSync connector is not intended for use with MAC OS versions after 10.5 (Leopard) and that cardDAV and calDAV should be used. I have not had confirmation on that yet.

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