We'v noticed an issue with iCal under Lion where the user has multiple calendars (e.g. the default 'Calendar', plus another, for the sake of thise example I've called it 'Personal').

If one inserts an entry in 'Calendar' there is no problem at all - ZCS is successfully updated. However, If one inserts an entry in 'Personal', the following error is received:

The server responded with an error.
The request for (appointment details) in "Personal" in account "me@myserver.com" failed.
The server responded with "424" to operation CalDAVMoveEntityQueueableOperation

Despite the error, the new entry appears to exist in 'Personal' in iCal. It is also duplicated in 'Calendar'. However, it does not show on the ZCS server in 'Personal' - only in 'Calendar'.

ZCS is 6.0.7, but we are using the iSync connector from 7.1.3 (as we had the hundreds of duplicated accounts issue with the 6.0.7 iSync connector).

Has anyone else experienced a similar issue? I'd be especially interested if someone could confirm whether this has been fixed in 7.1.3 - I don't mind updating the box to 7.1.3, but am reluctant to suffer the downtime if it's still an issue in 7.