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Thread: Chacal, a CardDAV extension for Thunderbird (proof of concept)

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    Default Chacal, a CardDAV extension for Thunderbird (proof of concept)

    For anyone interested in using CardDAV with Thunderbird, this might be worth watching:

    Chacal - a CardDAV extension for Thunderbird - Gitorious

    Appears to be separate from/parallel to any work that will be done under

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    thanks for your link i found it now because the good working extension zindus of sadly no more under development.
    you are able to sync the contacts with this extension?
    it looks that the extension is also no more in development, the last update on the git repo was in september 2012 :-(

    king regards

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    Hi greg,

    I too used to use Zindus, and today came the big day, the bump from the well trusted, tested and faithful Thunderbird ESR 17 to ESR 24.

    So far, I've had good luck using this to sync contacts:
    SOGo: Frontends

    Appears to work okay so far, but does require manual sync.

    But it seems to do the job!.

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