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Thread: iSync is complete garbage

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    Angry iSync is complete garbage

    I recently updated to Zimbra's iSync 7.1.3201 with the hope that Zimbra *finally* fixed the problems with Zimbra syncing with iCal on OSX Lion. Boy, I couldn't have been more wrong.

    I opened up iCal this morning and discovered it's created 105 (let me repeat: ONE HUNDRED FIVE) additional accounts in iCal. As a result, my calendar is FLOODED with duplicated events (ONE HUNDRED FIVE to be exact).

    Do you guys test this product at all? This type of problem makes you look amateurish. The iCal issues with your product are well documented, but you have yet to fix them. I'm done with your product -- it's complete garbage.
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    If you're furious with Zimbra as well and experience this same problem with their horrible software, do the following (warning: this will delete your calendar):

    1. Close iCal and Open Terminal
    2. Type "cd ~/Library/Calendars"
    3. Type "rm -rf Calendar\ Cache". This file will regenerate.
    4. Type "rm -rf *.caldav". This will delete all of the excessive *.caldav files.
    5. Type "ls". You'll see one or more *.calendar files. Sadly, you'll need to delete those, too: "rm -rf [YOUR-GUID-STRING].calendar"

    Re-open iCal and you'll be starting fresh. Oh, and don't forget to uninstall Zimbra from your preference pane: Hold down CTRL, single click Zimbra in System Preferences, and select Remove.

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    There's no reason for them to continue developing iSync, since Mac supports CardDAV and CalDAV. They offer everything that iSync did, but are built into the applications respectively.
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    iSync does work better than CardDAV in a few small ways, currently. Mainly, it does a better job of translating contact groups back and forth between Zimbra and Address Book.

    With CardDAV, if you create a contact group in Address Book under Lion, things are pretty much okay.

    If you create a contact group in ZWC, though, it syncs to Lion AB as a single contact with multiple addresses. Zimbra is aware of this--it's a temporary kludge--and it has been fixed, I think, in ZCS 8.0. See Bug 46359 – Contact groups do not sync via CardDAV and associated bugs.

    Other than that, there's no reason to keep using iSync if you have Lion or ML.

    Note, though: to uninstall the iSync connector, it's best to use Terminal on the Mac and do

    sudo /Library/PreferencePanes/Zimbra.prefPane/Contents/Resources/ZimbraHelper --uninstall

    BTW, I've seen at least one Lion install where Bug 62321 – iSync doesn't work with OSX 10.7 Lion didn't occur. But I went ahead and replaced iSync with CardDAV anyway, to be on the safe side.

    One possibility, if you really need to sync AB with iSync: just turn off the calendar checkbox in the iSync connector, and configure CalDAV manually (as you would if the connector weren't installed at all).

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