We've just upgraded from ZCS 6 to ZCS 8

We're using an external windows email clients on some of the windows boxes in the office (eM Client v5)

The caldav calendar functionality works fine and changes made on either side are mirrored AOK

What we're having some problems with the task list though

Items created on the web interface cannot be seen using the windows client (folders cannot be seen/created)

So any tasks modified or created on the local client are not uploaded to the caldav share

Strangely, even if you goto tasks menu on the web client and select "find shares" there are *no* task shares available.

Is there something I'm missing that I need to do to enable tasks?

It all worked fine "out of the box" on ZCS 6 so I'm a bit lost as to what to do now

Any help, even "You silly sod, do this and it will all work" or "Sorry, that's no longer supported" style responses would be much appreciated