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Thread: iSync connector drops ATTENDEE field

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    Default iSync connector drops ATTENDEE field

    I try to use the iSync connector between Zimbra 4.5 (Network) and MacOS X 10.4.8.

    There are several issues, top among them is that the "ATTENDEE" field appears to be dropped on the Zimbra side, without warning!

    Other issues:
    • The sync has self-consistency trouble
      • upon init: after the initial upload of calendar data, Zimbra sync still wants to do modifications at an immediately following manual sync
      • when another client is involved (say, Work and Home), it takes several manual sync cycles on either side to achieve self-consistency.
    • after sync, all events are "STATUS:CONFIRMED"?

    Now, the RFC2445 has "ATTENDEE" as a regular field. The entry also mentions "Non-standard", which means that the field may hold non-standard properties, but "CN" (Common name + email) is definitely standard. However, the RFC section also says:

    This property MUST NOT be specified in an iCalendar object when publishing the calendar information (e.g., NOT in an iCalendar object that specifies the publication of a calendar user's busy time, event, to-do or journal).
    How would Zimbra tell the difference between a published and a private calendar (which is what I'd need)

    Regards, Michael

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    Please file a bug in the bugzilla so that we can have one of the developers look at it.


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