Zimbra 8.0.5 Open Source on CentOS 6.4.

Ok, so this is what I do.

I log in to my zimbra account using a webbrowser, say Firefox.

I go to Preferences: Import
I choose a .vcard I have that contains ALL users. Somewhat 1519 of them.
I import that into the "contacts" group.
The import goes well, and 1519 people appears in my Contacts in Zimbra.

Then I go to the Contacts in Zimbra, click on the arrow next to where it says " new contact " and choose "new contact group".
There at the bottom left I am given an option to import comma-separated people.
I open one of the 10 .csv files I have on the desktop and copy and paste it in there. Somewhat 200 people are added.
I give the group a name, top left, and chose import.
I do this with all 10 groups I have.
That works fine.
They all appear in Zimbra contacts.

Then I open Addressbook on my Mac and configure a CardDAV account.
When the accont finishes synchronisation, this appears:


that's good*— REALLY good.
I see the 1519 people in the ALL "group".
ALL other groups are blank. Totally blank.

Going back to Zimbra, I create a new mail, and enter <groupname> and the name of the group appears and pressing <RTN> I get the X people in that group appearing, so that works fine.

Back again in Apple AddressBook, the groups are still blank.

If I then do the other way around.
I delete all groups in Zimbra, and add them on my Apple AddressBook, so;
in zimbra, delete group 1-10
in Apple Addressbook, create group 1-10.
Populate the groups in Apple AddressBook; this works with 1-2 groups, then I get an error I cannot remember, but something in the lines of "queueable operate not available 4xx" and the only way around that is to erase the CardDAV account + erase the whole addressbook in Zimbra and start again, over and over again.

Any ideas?